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What would you do if you made $32k a day?

Lets put in perspective what you could do making $32,000 dollars a day...

Close your eyes and imagine making $32,000 trading in the stock market for 252 trading days a year...

What would that be like? What could you do?

$8,064,000 a year

$672,000 a month

$168,000 a week

$32,000 a day

$1,333 an hour

$23 a minute

$0.38 a second

This yearly earnings put you in the realm of professionals, such as race car drivers, baseball players, basketball players, football players, tennis players, professional fighters, soccer players, golfers, and more.

NFL players, minimum salary is $750,000 a year... ALOMST 11 TIMES THE MINIMUM SALARY OF AN NFL PLAYER!

Lets put in perspective things you could purchase...

  • Lamborghini SVJ (1 for each month of the year)

  • Rolex Datejust 41 (3 a day, or over 800 in a year)

What type of house could you afford and where could you live?

This is an active listing for just under 23 million dollars in Malibu with some of the best views in all of California.

If you are interested in living in a more modest house you could invest your gains into this 108 unit apartment complex listed for sale for $23 million dollars.

The possibilities start to seem endless when you could consider what other types of investments and opportunities would present themselves.

You could choose to be an angel investor, invest in different start ups, invest in real estate, open restaurant franchise, and more...

Today was not an average day in the stock for Ricky Gutierrez...

But today Ricky made $32,671 in the market.

This is not a typical day for Ricky but lately is daily averages have been increasing more and more as he is choosing to take positions of around $500,000.

Ricky didn't start out by making this much in the market.

No one starts out making $30k+ in a day. It takes time, effort, patience, and consistency.

It all comes down to YOU.

Your dedication and your ability to focus on risk management and consistency.

If you are interested in watching a live trading session to get a taste of what it's like to watch someone like Ricky make profits like this. Join our discord and shoot Ricky a Direct Message.

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