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Techbud Solutions, the group that started it all...

Techbud Solutions, the name of the free trading group founded by Ricky Gutierrez in 2016. With over 330,000+ Facebook group members today, Techbud Solutions is what started the social media trading journey for Ricky. 

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Techbud Solutions (Techbuds for short) is a Free Group was originally a Group chat designed for Ricky's Friends and fellow Arizona State University Class members to communicate with one another about day trading primarily penny stocks. The group chat was hosted on a platform called "GroupMe" over time Techbuds  grew out of that and transferred the group chat to "Discord" Now with one of the largest free discord groups in addition to the LARGEST Facebook group for investors around the world , Techbud Solutions continues to lead the way in innovation. 

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Ricky Gutierrez first started uploading YouTube videos in early 2016, his first video was titled "Buying a house at age 20" ever since then Ricky has uploaded thousands of videos about investing and day trading, with the average of 2 uploads a day and 1 live stream he produces the most consistent content in the investing space. Now his Youtube Channel sits over 1 Million Subscribers. 

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Pictured above Ricky Gutierrez and Justin Lawrence the owners and operators of both Techbud Solutions, Learn Plan Profit, and Techbuds Headquarters. 

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Over the years our Team has expanded and we take pride in continuing to help others learn to invest in the stock market for free. We love providing that "Team" feeling and that 1 on 1 experience no else offers.

If you are interested in joining our FREE Discord please click the link below, when you do you have access to ask Ricky questions 1 on 1 directly through direct message. 

If you ever need anything or ever have any questions we are just 1 message away. 

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