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techbuds headquarters
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1721 N. Arizona Ave. Chandler AZ, 85225 

Located in sunny Chandler AZ, we have built the ultimate sanctuary for Traders. At the HQ you will be embraced with the environment the Techbuds Team works in everyday. The Techbuds Team has built 3 trading rooms that you are able to dock up your laptops and trade. In addition to the trading rooms, we have a large common area that is treated like a co-working space or library- a quiet place to sit on a couch open up your laptop and get to trading!

Come Inside...

Inside Techbuds HQ we have designed not only one but 3 trading rooms. These trading rooms are equipped with monitors, docking stations, so you can come bring your laptop to one of the many stations have a dual monitor set up. 1 of the 3 trading rooms is fully designed with the trader who lounges in mind, equipped with 5 giant bean bags led lights every trading can relax and trade in a dark quiet place. 

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In addition to having trading rooms we have several conference rooms with whiteboards and TV's where you are able to collaborate in a open setting with other traders.

The main area of the HQ is all open, surrounded by the Techbud Team private offices, the open area of the HQ is designed to be able to be used throughout the day as a place to work and collaborate with others. With over 25+ seats to be able to sit and work just in the main area give a true "Hub" meeting spot for the entire HQ. 

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The Techbuds Headquarters is only open for Learn Plan Profit students, if you are a student and interested in visiting please DM Ricky on Discord. If you are not a student and want a tour of the HQ please DM Ricky Gutierrez on Discord.

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