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What actually got Ricky into the stock market... (Ricky Gutierrez Story)

Here is the story of what actually got Ricky Gutierrez into the stock market as a teenager...

Many of you know Ricky as a very successful YouTuber in his late 20's that day trades, you may have seen his lifestyle or some of his many supercars or even is recent purchase of an older jet.

But do you know what actually got him started in the stock market?

Watch the video below to learn what got Ricky started as a teenager into the stock market.

Don't have to time to watch the short video? Okay. I will tell you the cliff notes version...

Ricky fell in love with the fast and the furious movies as a teenager, and from those movies he fell in love with one specific car, it wasn't a Ferrari or Lamborghini it was the Nissan GTR.

His next thought was how much is a Nissan GTR and how can I afford one?

Ricky went home from the theatre looked up the MSRP of the GTR= $99,999 and he knew he would have to do something above and beyond the average job to earn enough to buy a GTR.

He searched up ways to make money and was inspired by a teen in his area that made over $1,000,000 by investing in the stock market.

BOOM. He found the stock market. Fast forward through a bunch of trail and error Ricky was able to purchase his first 2012 GTR when he was 20 years old.

Fast forward again over a decade later Ricky day trades everyday in the stock market and which is his primary source of income. In addition being a content creator, investing in real estate, and doing much more he created "Learn Plan Profit" to assist beginners in learning how to trade in the stock market.

And now going full circle... Ricky is giving away this 2019 Nissan GTR to one lucky winner!

There are only 2 ways to enter:

#1. Enroll in Learn Plan Profit and automatically earn 5,000 entries!

$150 OFF Coupon"GTR" already applied, click here:

#2. Buy anything from , T-shirts, hoodies, hats, wall-art, or even a sticker will get you entered! $1 spent = 5 entries

Remember it only takes 1 entry to get this Nissan GTR in your driveway or $50k in your bank account!

Do you still have questions?

Ask your questions before you enroll:

Message Ricky 1 on 1 by joining our Free Discord Group


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