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Top 5 trading mistakes everyone makes... (Brutal Truth)

Here are 5 trading mistakes a lot of beginner traders make that you should avoid.

The 5 biggest mistakes: THE BRUTAL TRUTH

  1. Investing and buying stocks blindly without knowing why you are buying them

  2. Bag-holding, No its not going up... you've been holding it for 6+ months cut your losses and go find more profitable trades.

  3. Copying peoples trades, copying peoples trades is an easy way to lose especially if they are volatile pump and dumps because the entries and exits will never be identical no matter what someone promises you on twitter.

  4. Stay away from over hyped stocks, just because they go up today, doesn't mean they will go up tomorrow. Most over hyped stocks go down just as fast as they go up.

  5. Over Trading, taking too many risky trades trying to "catch up" to the loss you previously took can spiral you into a big red account.

  6. It was suppose to be only 5 mistakes but here is a bonus one: Using No Risk Management, risking your whole account value in a position, in addition not using a stop loss or having a plan to cut losses when a position doesn't go in your favor.

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