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(This Week) Important Speeches and Reports...

Mark your calendars this week the Fed Reserve has a busy schedule:

Monday September 5th:

- Labor Day (All day)

- Enjoy your day off, nothing to worry about the market is closed.

Tuesday September 6th:

- Nothing from Fed

- Don't miss the Live Trading at market open [LPP students] (9:30 am)

Wednesday September 7th:

- Speech From Vice Chair Lael Brainard "Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy" (12:35pm)

- Commercial Paper (1:00pm)

- Speech From Vice Chair Supervision Michael S Barr "Making the Financial System Safer and Fairer" (2:00pm)

- Selected Interest Rates (4:15pm)

Thursday September 8th:

- Discussion From Jerome H. Powell (9:10am)

- Commercial Paper (1:00pm)

- Consumer Credit (3:00pm)

- Selected Interest Rates (4:15pm)

- Factors Affecting Reserve Balances (4:30pm)

Friday September 9th:

- Speech From Governor Christopher J Waller "Economic Outlook" (12:00pm)

- Commercial Paper (1:00pm)

- Selected Interest Rates (4:15pm)

- Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks in the U.S. (4:15pm)


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