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Take a look inside our Trading HQ...

Here are some quick pictures of the inside of the HQ so you can see what it is all about:

Our Entry way into the HQ:

Inside the HQ we have our Techbuds Teams office! Here are Ricky & Justin's offices.

Here is a look inside of our trading rooms where we have docking stations for Learn Plan Profit students to be able to come and dock up their computer so they can have dual monitors.

The Main trading area of the HQ is an open area where the team and other members are able to meet up and network!

At the HQ is where we also run all of our Techbuds Apparel.

The Techbuds Headquarters is only open for Learn Plan Profit students, if you are a student and interested in visiting please DM Ricky on Discord. If you are not a student and want a tour of the HQ please DM Ricky on Discord.

Here is the link to join our free discord group:


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