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NEW Videos Coming to Learn Plan Profit

3 New videos coming to LPP 2.0 this week!

Learn Plan Profit is always ever changing to stay up to date with current market conditions. The fresher the material the better advantage you (as a trader) have to be more effective, which is why we update the course with fresh videos periodically.

As many of you know we are entering a "recession" which means you need to know what opportunities the stock market presents, and understand not only when to take a position but WHY and have a purpose and intent behind the trades you make.

Here is a quick description of the videos that are being added:

- How to trade during a stock market recession

- How to manage risk during a recession (margin call)

- Why do stocks drop as federal reserve raise interest rates?

Looking forward to all the new and current Learn Plan Profit students enjoying and checking out the new videos being added to the course.

If you are interested in joining Learn Plan Profit to get access to ALL the A-Z course content, private group chat just for students, and access to watch Ricky trade live trading everyday please message Ricky on discord to receive a discount!

Interested in checking out more? Learn more here:


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