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Live Trading (Trading Stocks In Real Time)

Did you miss todays Free Live Trading Session? Here is your chance to watch it!

What is "Live Trading"?

  • Live Trading is hosted by Ricky Gutierrez every morning at market open, the live trading is exclusive to Learn Plan Profit Students.

  • Ricky Trades Live, Breakdowns Stocks, Answers Questions, Tells Dad Jokes, and talks about a lot of Mindset behind the market and the trades he makes.

Why is Live Trading Beneficial?

  • If you are an expert or a beginner live trading can help give you insight not only to what other thought processes people are using but it helps keep your mindset and consistency day in and day out.

  • If you are beginner you can absorb and learn so much information in such a short time period through the live sessions because you are seeing trades being executed in real time and you are getting exposure to the thought process behind them

Watch todays live trading session here:

After you watch the live shoot Ricky a message on discord and let him know what you thought of it!

Join our FREE discord and DM Ricky :

Ready to Join Learn Plan Profit and get access to the daily Live Trading?

Learn More, and for a limited time save 50% on enrolling: Don’t forget this is a 1 time payment lifetime access! You get all 3 the new updated course, private discord chat just for students, and access to the live trading! After you get enrolled shoot me a message to make sure you get set up in the LPP discord so you can watch the Live Trading!


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 5.📊 Free 12 FREE Stocks (WEBULL):


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