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How do "day-trading gurus" like Ricky Gutierrez make their money?

Here is a little more insight on how YouTubers or Online Educators make their money.

The first thing you should know about this topic is that everyone seems to have an opinion about people who they do not actually know. There are lots of assumptions made not only about YouTubers or people in the online space but anyone with success.

The first thing you should know about Ricky Gutierrez is that he is a real serial entrepreneur. He owns several different businesses and has many sources of income.

Here are just a few of Ricky's income sources:

- Day Trading

- Youtube (Monetization)

- Real Estate Investing (Flipping)

- Rental Properties

- Hard Money Lending

- Car Flipping (More of a hobby)

- Private Course Group

- E-commerce Brand's

- Brand Deals

- Platform Collaboration (Affilaite Marketing)

- Investor in Start Up's

The list goes on....

Unlike many YouTube or "investing gurus" Rickys largest income sources aren't providing a course or education, he makes more in his craft than he does teaching and helping others. Which is very rare to see in this space unfortunately.

Ricky chooses to help others because he gets fulfillment from helping others be successful, this is a rare and amazing to see from someone his age. Ricky has helped tens of thousands of people learn to be self sufficient independent traders.

The question arises " If you are so successful, why do you sell a course? Instead of just giving it for free" The main answer to that is Ricky uploads 2 videos a day on YouTube 100% for FREE, and provides value for free. You don't have to buy his course to learn from him. The course takes time out of Rickys day everyday, it takes a team, and time is valuable. The value he provides in his course is unmatched and is seen as a very small investment to pay for potentially a life long of potential profits. His course is priced at $499, where most courses at this quality range in the $1,500+ range.

He is always available for his students and group members, you can literally message him 24/7 and he will respond.

Before you assume about people intentions or objectives you should spend time to get to know the person before you judge them.

Interested in joining Ricky's Free Discord so you can check out what value you he provides people 100% free click the link to join:


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