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Here is how I was consistently able to lock in profits most days of the month so far resulting in being on track to clear over $300,000+ investing in the stock market this month.

This above screenshot accounts for 10/6/22 - 10/21/22

All of these profits are from day trading 1 pair of ETF's that I have been focusing on. Not everyday is the same and not everyday does the market play in your direction. The key is understanding risk management, when you know how to manage your risk, becoming consistent becomes much easier.

Everyone wants to see the profits, everyone wants to imagine what they would do with all the gains...

But what the majority of people don't want to do, is WORK to get the results they want.

The biggest secret to making money in the stock market is: THERE IS NO SECRET

Want to know what I trade everyday? Solution: I trade live everyday at market open tune in live and watch me do it in real time. See not only what I'm trading but the WHY behind the positions I take.

Don't know how to enter and exit positions? Solution: Everything is detailed and described in my Learn Plan Profit videos.

Don't have money to start? Solution: You should start out learning by paper trading (using fake money) before you invest any real money

Don't have any experience at all? ( You have no idea what you are doing) Solution: Learn Plan Profit is designed for people that have ZERO experience. It is completely A-Z step by step.

Don't have the time? Solution: The world doesn't wait for you. If you want something you will make time for it, all of my daily live tradings are recorded so you can go back and watch them at anytime.

Is it guaranteed I will make money? Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT. Nothing is guaranteed, nothing worth having comes easy. If you want to be successful you have to invest in yourself and spend time learning.

These students didn't wish success to come to them, they went out and got it.

"The desire of wanting to be successful is nothing special. Putting in the work when nothing is guaranteed, thats special."

-Ricky Gutierrez


Here is a taste of the live trading, check it out what LPP students get access to every single day:


Here is a link to a discount to enroll in LPP So you can tune in live every morning at market open! Don’t forget this is a 1 time payment lifetime access! You get all 3 the new updated course, private discord chat just for students, and access to the live trading! After you get enrolled shoot me a message to make sure you get set up in the LPP discord so you can watch the Live Trading!


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