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Here are the results from today's CPI...

Is it too late? Did we move to fast are we headed to a recession? Watch the complete breakdown of the CPI report today below.

This above video is an exact breakdown of what happened today with the CPI report. In addition gives insight to what to watch out for in the coming weeks.

FOMC Minutes Today at 2:00 P.M. EST

Be prepared for tomorrow's PPI report once again 1 hour before market open.

There is a lot of uncertainty with the market, as we watch the core CPI, and see potentially more interest hikes. It is cautious to watch your positions, and make sure to use all of the risk management skills you have!

What happens to when Core CPI continues to rise?

When Core CPI (Consumer Price Index) continues to rise, it indicates that the cost of goods and services is increasing. Core CPI is a measure of inflation that excludes the volatile food and energy sectors, providing a more accurate picture of underlying inflationary pressures.

If Core CPI continues to rise, it can have several impacts on the economy and individuals, including:

  1. Increase in interest rates: Central banks may increase interest rates to curb inflation, which can make borrowing more expensive for individuals and businesses.

  2. Decrease in consumer purchasing power: As the cost of goods and services increases, consumers may be able to purchase fewer items with the same amount of money, which can reduce overall purchasing power.

  3. Impact on investment portfolios: Rising inflation can impact the value of investments, particularly those that are fixed-income or cash-based. Investors may need to consider reallocating their portfolios to manage inflation risk.

  4. Impact on wages: Inflation can lead to an increase in wages as employees demand higher compensation to keep up with rising prices. However, if wages do not keep pace with inflation, individuals may experience a decrease in their standard of living.

Overall, continued rising of Core CPI can be a sign of persistent inflationary pressures, and policymakers may need to take action to manage the impacts on the economy and individuals.

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