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This is your chance to save your spot for Friday mornings Live Trading Session.

Have you ever wanted to watch someone trade live in the stock market?

Is the Stock Market still confusing to you?

Are you someone that needs visuals or more structured learning?

You are in luck! Friday September 30th at opening bell I will be going live on YouTube with my Learn Plan Profit students (just like I do every morning) but sharing it live for everyone to see!

I call this event my 'Free Live Trading'

This is your chance to watch me trade live, ask me questions, and experience what the Learn Plan Profit students get to experience everyday!

Turn your post notifications on for YouTube & Discord!

Looking forward to seeing all of you LIVE!

Join our free discord:

Here is a taste of the last live trading we had:

P.S. Once you are in our free Discord you can Message Ricky 24/7!


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Alex Steck
Alex Steck
29 thg 9, 2022

Thanks man

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