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Enter Now! Nissan GTR Giveaway is LIVE!!!

Nissan GTR or $50,000 cash! What will you pick?

This is our biggest giveaway to date!

What got me started in the stock market was my love for GTRs I wanted one so bad I started learning to trade… fast forward 10 years later I have been blessed to not only follow my dreams in the stock market and buy the cars I’ve always dreamed of but through YouTube and Learn Plan Profit I have been able to help thousands of people just like you become successful in the market! And now we’re literally giving away my first dream car, this 2019 GTR Track Edition and all you need to do is enroll in Learn Plan Profit (which is discounted already for you below) which will give you 5,000 entries into this giveaway… remember it only takes 1 lucky entry to put this GTR in your driveway or $50,000 in your bank account!

There are 2 ways to enter:

#1. Enroll in Learn Plan Profit and automatically earn 5,000 entries!

$150 OFF Coupon"GTR" already applied, click here:

#2. Buy anything from , T-shirts, hoodies, hats, wall-art, or even a sticker will get you entered! $1 spent = 5 entries

Remember it only takes 1 entry to get this Nissan GTR in your driveway or $50k in your bank account!

Here are just some of the cool "GTR" merchandise that can purchase that will get you entered to win! Checkout all of our sweet T-shirts, Hoodies, Wall-Art, Keychains, GTR items, stickers and more on our site!


What's Learn Plan Profit? And whats included?

Learn Plan Profit was designed to offer a solution to beginners to learn to invest in the stock market without all the high risk involved of starting knowing nothing and making mistakes by loosing hard earned money. Learn Plan Profit is built to be more than just a course... its a community.

Learn Plan Profit includes 3 parts:

A-Z Video Lesson Library

​70 + "No Fluff" Training Videos ​​

Detailed and Straight To The Point

Closed Captioning in English & Spanish

Designed To Make Learning Efficient & Effective

Built In Depth Visuals, Screen Shares, Tours, and More...

Private Group Chat Just For Students

10+ Chatrooms Available Inside

Exclusive for Learn Plan Profit Members

Message & Network With Other Members

The Best Way to Communicate With me 1 on 1

See My Announcements, Updates, Insights, Callouts, ETC..

Live Trading With Ricky Every Day

See When I Analyze, Buy & Sell A Stock

Get Your Questions Answered in Real Time

Identify Entry Points To Buy For A Good Deal

Get Access to Every Live Trading In Case You Miss it

Hosted Privately On YouTube Every Market Open (30-45+ Minutes)

Do you still have questions?

Ask your questions before you enroll:

Message Ricky 1 on 1 by joining our Free Discord Group


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Mar 04, 2023

Are existing LPP members automatically entered?


Laguna Eye Capital
Laguna Eye Capital
Mar 03, 2023

What is the company that is putting this together? Also if this is a legal raffle like previously stated there should be a mail in option

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