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Did you miss the live trading?

I go live with my LPP students every morning...

Hey Trader,

Did you see my live trading session Friday?

Or were able to stay up to date with my play shorting the Nasdaq market on Friday?

Here is a quick Recap:

What I traded: SQQQ

How much Profit: $53,055.64

If you missed it here is a chance for you to enroll in Learn Plan Profit for our biggest discount $150 OFF. Here is the link:

Let me know if you have any questions before enrolling! Don’t forget this is a 1 time payment lifetime access! You get all 3 the new updated course, private discord chat just for students, and access to the live trading so you don't miss out on big green days like Friday!

Want to see a free live trading before you enroll?

Here is the link:

See you market open Tomorrow!

-Ricky Gutierrez


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