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Brand New Exhaust for the BMW M4

Brand new Catback exhaust installed on potentially your New M4....

Full Video On Exhaust:

We took our M4 Competition exhaust off and replaced it with a Aerodus Exhaust.

The new aftermarket exhaust sounds so amazing! It makes the car feel alive. Even without installing the downpipes yet it makes it so loud and the burbles sound incredible.

We will be posting a lot more videos as the modifications on the car continue.

This week we are finishing the wrap, lowering springs, installing new wheels, new tires, adding a bunch of awesome decals which will really make the car stand out.

The team and I are taking a trip this weekend to go to Bimmer Invasion, one of the largest BMW car events of the entire year in California, if you are in the California area be on the look out for our M4 as the guys will be driving it around!

Thank you for all the support, stay connected to stay up to date with all of the details of the M4 Giveaway!

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