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BIG TECH Earnings Results...

Here are the results of the Big Tech Earnings from today...

This is the results from the big Tech Earnings from today:


  • Revenue: $149.2B (est $145.80Bln) -

  • Sub Services Net Sales $9.19B (est $9.01B) -

  • Oper Income $2.7B (est 2.51B) -

  • Online Stores Net Sales $64.53 (est $65.03B) -

  • AWS Sales $21.38B (est 21.76B)

  • Net Sales $121B To $126B (est $125.55B)


  • Earnings: $1.88 vs. $1.94 expected

  • Revenue: $117.15B vs. $121.10B expected


  • Rev Ex-TAC $63.12B (est $63.24B)

  • Ad Rev $59.04B (est $60.64B)

  • YouTube Ads Rev $7.96B (est $8.27B)

  • Google Cloud Rev $7.32B (est. $7.3B)

  • Other Rev $8.80B (est $8.14B)

  • EPS $1.05

Big tech earnings such as Apple, Amazon, and Google can have a significant impact on the stock market for several reasons. Firstly, these companies are often seen as bellwethers of the technology sector and the broader economy. Strong earnings from these tech giants can indicate a healthy overall market, boosting investor confidence and leading to upward momentum in the stock market. On the other hand, disappointing earnings from these tech giants can lead to a sell-off, as investors revise their expectations for the company and the broader market.

Additionally, big tech companies often have a large influence on the market due to their market capitalization, which is the total value of all outstanding shares of a company. These companies often have a large number of outstanding shares, which can result in significant buying or selling pressure when their earnings are released.

Therefore, it's important for investors to pay close attention to the earnings of these tech companies, as they can have a significant impact on the stock market. Diversifying your portfolio and regularly reviewing your investments can help reduce your risk exposure to the ups and downs of any single company or sector.

The stock market moves a lot during earnings because the performance of a company and its future prospects can significantly impact its stock price. Investors and traders often adjust their positions based on the company's earnings report and future outlook. To protect yourself from the risk associated with earnings, you can diversify your portfolio by investing in a mix of stocks, bonds, and other assets. Additionally, you can also manage your exposure to a particular stock by using techniques such as options or stop-loss orders. It is also important to regularly review your investments and make adjustments as needed to ensure your portfolio aligns with your investment goals and risk tolerance.

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