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5 things people don't tell you about investing in the stock market...

Here are few things not too many people know until they actually have money invested.

  1. Not every trade goes to plan- just because you plan on making money and you take a trade doesn't mean you will be profitable. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP there are many more trades to comes.

  2. Being in the red doesn't mean you are staying in the red - Just because you may take a red trade early in the day doesn't mean there are not potential trades you can take to get back in the green, the key is not overtrading trying to chase a number

  3. Trade with what you can afford to lose only- If you can only trade with what you can afford to lose the emotions can be sidelined and focus on the objective which is trading consistently

  4. Taxes - Make sure you understand how taxes work with gains so you can put money aside and prepare for them so you don't have a big surprise at the end of the year

  5. Its not easy - Nothing worth having comes easy. The key between the people who are successful in the stock market and struggle is consistency.


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