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5 reasons to start a podcast...

Here are some of the top reasons podcasts are so popular to create.

  1. Audience Reach- Podcasts are becoming more and more popular and because they are more people are willing to take the time to listen to a 1 hour long podcast in the car vs watch a 1 hour long YouTube video.

  2. Easy to Create Content - Most podcasts are simple set ups and if they are filmed there really isn't much editing required so as far as time stand point podcasts are comparably very easy to create.

  3. Monetization - Podcast material and content can be recycled in many ways allowing you to grow and expand with potentially a lot of areas to get views, which can lead to great revenue.

  4. Less competition compared to other media forms - Lots of other social spaces are requiring an extreme level of high quality content to stay relevant and get traction, because podcasts are so unique and tend to be very interesting they have potential to out perform in other areas where creators are fighting for views.

  5. Wide range of topics and subjects - Podcasts can talk about any and everything there is no specific way you have to make a podcast, or certain subjects you have to discuss. It really all depends on whats on your mind and what subjects or content you want to focus on.

Did you know Techbud's has its own podcast?

Its called "Techbud's Podcast" the techbuds team discusses and interviews all sorts of interesting entrepreneurs and people, the first 5 episodes are already out on YouTube! Check them out:


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