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$200,000+ Profit Trading Recap...

Here is a quick recap of my last 2 weeks trading in the stock market:

These past 2 weeks trading has been nothing but exceptional.

This post is not made to "Flex" or show off, its made to show you what consistency does to your trading account. Each day for 2 weeks I was able to end in the green besides one, when you are able to manage your risk and lock in profits you are able to consistently grow your account no matter how choppy the market is.

If you have been watching my live tradings or following my trading recently you know that I have really focusing on TQQQ/SQQQ. Majority of the profit came from shorting the market trading SQQQ.

When you are watching the market direction closely and understand when to enter a position (using the 3 stages of reversal) trading becomes much less complicated and becomes more calculated.

Most of these profits were caught during my Live streams every morning with my Learn Plan Profit students. If you are not yet enrolled, click the Learn Plan Profit tab at the top of the website to learn more!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Labor Day Weekend!

-Ricky Gutierrez


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Johnny Encinias
Johnny Encinias
Apr 30

Your the Man Ricky Can you check out my website! and give me some Pointers! Thanks, in advanced Passive Income | Investing For Beginners


Sep 02, 2022

Yo bro 😎

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