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10% Gain on Wednesday... (WHY)

JP Morgan says the S&P 500 could surge by 10% in a single day if the federal reserve only raises interest rates by 50bps on Wednesday.

Okay, So JP Morgan has officially come out and said the S&P could surge by 10% or more on a single day if the fed raises interest rates by more than 50 basis points.

So why would the market jump up? What if they don't raise it as expected?

Simple answer: If they slow down interest rate hikes that means they are confident of a recovery. If the raise the interests rates at their continued aggressive rate the market could pull back meaning we are not seeing a recovery yet.

FOMC Minutes Meetings - Wednesday

Ricky Gutierrez will be streaming the even live at 10:45 am PST

During the live you will be able to see expectations and watch Ricky trade the reaction to the market. In the best the Minutes Meetings have always cause big movements in the market.

Upcoming events next week to be aware of:

CPI data report November 10, 2022

Overall its a good idea to stay patient and expose yourself to less risk as either the market could go either direction, if the market does go bullish you can always add into your position, If the market decides to go bearish you are less exposed which is good as well.

The key in these times is being PATIENT.

Make sure you connect with us on discord and turn your post notifications on to receive updates about our livestreams:

The stock market is dropping and now is the best time to start investing in the stock market! Watch me trade live in the stock market. My learn plan profit group gets to watch me trade live every day, get a feel of what they experience daily. -Ricky Gutierrez


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