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What to watch this week...

Here is everything going on in this week on the economic calendar:

Make sure you tune in live to stay up to date especially on Wednesday where we will be patiently waiting for the FOMC Rate decision.

We will be hosting a live steam to cover how the market reacts LIVE. All you need to do to watch live is subscribe to the YouTube channel below and turn your post notifications on so you don't miss anything!

Make sure you connect with us on discord and turn your post notifications on to receive updates about our live streams:

The stock market is dropping and now is the best time to start investing in the stock market! Watch me trade live in the stock market. My learn plan profit group gets to watch me trade live every day, and get a feel of what they experience daily. -Ricky Gutierrez

Don't forget! We are giving away this Nissan GTR or $50,000 cash!!

There are only 2 ways to enter: #1. Enroll in Learn Plan Profit and automatically earn 5,000 entries! $150 OFF Coupon"GTR" already applied, click here: #2. Buy anything from , T-shirts, hoodies, hats, wall-art, or even a sticker will get you entered! $1 spent = 5 entries Remember it only takes 1 entry to get this Nissan GTR in your driveway or $50k in your bank account!


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