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This report gets released tomorrow...

Watch this now, and turn your post notifications on for tomorrow!

Ready to get more in-depth?

Learn Plan Profit was designed to offer a solution to beginners to learn to invest in the stock market without all the high risk involved of starting to know nothing and making mistakes by losing hard-earned money. Learn Plan Profit is built to be more than just a course... it's a community.

Learn Plan Profit includes 3 parts:

A-Z Video Lesson Library

​70 + "No Fluff" Training Videos ​​

Detailed and Straight To The Point

Closed Captioning in English & Spanish

Designed To Make Learning Efficient & Effective

Built In Depth Visuals, Screen Shares, Tours, and More...

Private Group Chat Just For Students

10+ Chatrooms Available Inside

Exclusive for Learn Plan Profit Members

Message & Network With Other Members

The Best Way to Communicate With me 1 on 1

See My Announcements, Updates, Insights, Callouts, ETC...

Live Trading With Ricky Every Day

See When I Analyze, Buy & Sell A Stock

Get Your Questions Answered in Real Time

Identify Entry Points To Buy For A Good Deal

Get Access to Every Live Trading In Case You Miss it

Hosted Privately On YouTube Every Market Open (30-45+ Minutes)

Have any questions before enrolling? Please Direct Message me on discord!

Make sure you connect with us on discord and turn your post notifications on to receive updates about our live streams:

The stock market is dropping and now is the best time to start investing in the stock market! Watch me trade live in the stock market. My learn plan profit group gets to watch me trade live every day, and get a feel of what they experience daily. -Ricky Gutierrez


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