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My Biggest Day Shorting Nasdaq...

This is how I made $53,xxx+ Today Shorting the Nasdaq market

This morning I went live at market morning with the Learn Plan Profit team and shared my position that I was taking in SQQQ, as the market continued to sell off I added to position and the all of the Learn Plan Profit students saw it all live this morning.

As the day continued I slowly scaled out of my position and I continued to update the team on discord, and then I finally sold out of my position to lock in a total of $53,055.64 on the day, making it the most profitable day I have had with SQQQ's.

Here is the recap of the morning live trading session! Take a look and check it out, this is what the Learn Plan Profit students get to see every morning at market open.

Blessed day today in the market, not everyday is like this but when you plan and prepare and you stick to your trading plan and focus on risk management when the market plays in your favor you are able to capitalize it.


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Johnny Encinias
Johnny Encinias
4월 30일

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