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Have you ever watched someone Day Trade Live?

Ricky Gutierrez is hosting a Free Live Trading session this Friday March 10, 2023

Why is Live Trading Beneficial?

There are a few potential benefits to watching Ricky Gutierrez's live trading videos:

  1. Educational value: Live trading videos can be a good way for people to learn about the stock market and how professional traders analyze and make decisions. By watching Gutierrez's trades in real time, viewers can see how he approaches the market and how he reacts to different events and news.

  2. Motivation and inspiration: Seeing someone else successfully trade in the market can be motivating and inspiring for those who are just starting out or are still learning.

  3. Transparency: Live trading videos can provide a level of transparency and accountability that may not be present in other forms of financial education. By showing their trades in real time, traders like Gutierrez can demonstrate their thought process and the risks and rewards of each trade.

How do you get access to the live trading?

The only way to get access to the live trading is if you are a Learn Plan Profit student, then you get access to watch the live trading every single day. But we are hosting a live trading for FREE so you can get a taste of what LPP students get to experience everyday...

This is how you access the FREE live trading this Friday:

All you need to do is join our Free Discord Chat and turn your post notifications on:

Live Trading will start Friday morning 7:30 a.m. MST (Right at market open) Live on YouTube, link will be posted in the announcements on Discord, so don't forget to join and turn your notifications on!

Have any questions before the live Trading? Send a Direct Message to Ricky on Discord!

Here is what a previous live trading is like:

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