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Did you miss this weeks economic reports?

Here is a short recap of everything that was released:

Having a hard time reading? Here is the direct link:

- Inflation did not ease as much as expected in August, with an 8.3 percent rise in the Consumer Price Index.

  • Overall CPI 8.3%

  • Core CPI 6.3%

  • Expectation for core was 6.0%

  • Due to core CPI rising this may lead to a higher expected interest rate hike which will be announced in next FOMC meeting

Now we will have to wait until September 20th for the next FOMC meeting to see the interest rate hike and see how the market reacts.

Week Recap overall:

- This week has been choppy without a doubt, the key to staying green is making sure you are trading with the direction and using good risk management. Another thing that contributed to traders success this week was scaling into their positions by not taking positions with their entire account value.

Loved to see so many Learn Plan Profit students have profitable days this week, there were literally hundreds of hundreds of profits posted but I will just share a few:

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