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Did you miss the FOMC Minutes Meeting?

Here is the livestream link from today's FOMC Minutes Meeting:

SQQQ never pulled back so we closed at $10.8K in the green!

Excited for the CPI data report tomorrow!

CPI Data Report Expectations:

CPI: A drop from 8.3% to 8.1% (Rise of 0.2% Month over Month)

Core CPI: Rising to 6.5% from 6.3% (Rise of 0.4% Month over Month)

If you are ready to join Learn Plan Profit here is a discount!

Here is a link to a discount to enroll in LPP

So you can tune in live every morning at market open!

Don’t forget this is a 1 time payment lifetime access!

You get all 3 the new updated course, private discord chat just for students, and access to the live trading!

After you get enrolled shoot me a message to make sure you get set up in the LPP discord so you can watch the Live Trading!


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